Surface Grinder – Rotary Table – Vertical Spindle

Surface Grinder – Rotary Table – Vertical Spindle

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Our Rotary series is designed for flat grinding of one side of the job at a time for each table load. The Rotary work table operates on large, circular ways – well lubricated by means of an oil sump. It carries an electro magnetic chuck with circular poles.

Access to the work table is unique, in that a greater proportion of the work table is opened for easier and safer work handling. Being a fixed center table, the initial accuracies are maintained for the entire life of the machine. Sliding table options are available as an option for specific applications.

The Spindle Head is of extremely rigid construction, with precision bearings duly preloaded. A segmented wheel is directly mounted at the lower end. Ring wheel is available as an option for specific applications.

The Column has oversize vertical Vee and Flat ways fully protected from grinding dust and coolant by sliding steel guards. Wheel feed can be applied by hand or power. Precision Screw gives positive down feed on the head for accurately controlling small increments of feed.

PLC or CNC controls for Vertical axis with a servo drive via a precision ball screw is also available as optional equipment.

Automatic electronic gauging can be provided as an option. It gives continuous measurement of work during grinding cycle and visual indications that the work is approaching size. When work reaches a preset dimension grinding stops, the machine sparks out and the Head retracts. Since the job is directly probed, wheel wear is directly compensated.


Segmental Chuck with two sets of grinding segments; Built-in Wheel Dressing Unit; Table Guard; Set of Wrenches; All Electric Motors; Internal Wiring and Control Gear; Electro Magnetic Chuck; Complete Coolant Equipment


Vertical Position Indicator (DRO); Cylinder Wheel Holder; Demagnetizer – platen or aperture type with Dimmer-stat; Built-in Table Demagnetizer (For easy removal of jobs); Electronic Sizing unit


OPTIONS are available to suit your specific application

CNC CONTROLS AND PLC CONTROL OPTIONS for semi or fully automatic grinding cycles.

Technical Specifications