Surface Grinder – Rotary Grinder – Horizontal Spindle

Surface Grinder – Rotary Grinder – Horizontal Spindle

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This series features our rotary series with a horizontal spindle. These machines are particularly suitable for High Precision Surface grinding of thin parts of high accuracy, or circular parts where one piece is to be ground at a time flat or with a radial taper. In applications where batches of small parts are to be ground with a high degree of parallelism & high surface finish this type of machine is a faster alternative to reciprocating grinding. This is because the grinding wheel is in constant touch with the grinding pieces, the operating speed of the work pieces is higher and the work pieces move continuously in one direction.

All models are available with the option for CNC controls for automatic grinding cycle including wheel dressing and compensation.


Grinding wheels (2): grinding wheel flange unit, wheel balancing mandrel; table guard; set of wrenches; hydraulic system; electric motors; all internal wiring and control gear.


Plain vice; Swivel vice; Universal vice; Sine vice; Wheel balancing stand; Radius & Angular wheel truing attachment; Head Wheel dresser; Wet grinding attachment; Magnetic Separator and/or Paper band filter; Dust control unit; Demagnetizer – platen or aperture type; dressing diamond; Machine lamp; Work piece handling systems; Spare grinding wheels; Re-circulating Ball Screws.


OPTIONS are available to suit your specific application.

CNC CONTROLS AND PLC CONTROL OPTIONS for semi or fully automatic grinding cycles.

Technical Specifications