About Us

Alex Machine Tools is the largest manufacturer of high precision surface grinding solutions in India, supplying machines globally to more than 20 countries. Countries include India, U.S., Germany, U.K., Canada, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Oman, Kenya, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. ALEX enjoys a clientele of blue chip companies that are leaders in major sectors of the Engineering Industry. Over 10,000 ALEX grinders are in successful operation –  the result of a continued development in design, quality, electronics and automation.

Our goal is to provide our Customers Precision, Accuracy and Reliability in their grinding operations. This has remained unchanged throughout the history of the organization and has been fundamental in establishing a reputation for being the leading Surface Grinder manufacturer in India.

ALEX Machine tools offers a comprehensive range of Surface Grinding machines from the Reciprocating hydraulically operated Surface Grinder to high power Rotary Surface Grinder to precision Double Disc Grinding to Special Purpose Grinding Solutions. This range includes a wide variety of sophistication including computer numerical controls, automatic in-process gauging and other material handling automation, depending on the customer’s need and application.

Over the past six decades ALEX has grown its manufacturing base to include three plants located in India. ALEX has an in-house service division dedicated to installation and after sales service.

Our founder Alex Lobo, together with an experienced team of Design, Quality and Marketing Engineers, has made ALEX a leading force in the field of grinding technology.

We employ a highly skilled labor force At Alex Machine Tools, we are fortunate to have a highly skilled and experienced staff. Our people are easy to work with; very dedicated to providing you a quality solution; and highly respectful and willing to do whatever it takes to make your project a success.

Doing business with us is cost effective for you. With our experience in Lean manufacturing processes and the advantage of India’s lower cost skilled labor, we are able to provide you value through cost effective and simple grinding solutions. We effectively use the principles of lean – ‘Elimination of Waste’, ‘Flow’, ‘Pull’ and ‘continuous improvement’ to reduce your lead-time and total life cycle cost of the machine.

Alex Machine Tools also offers you a low risk advantage. We have been successfully manufacturing grinding solutions since 1971.


Every member believes and is guided by ‘Priorities’ and ‘Principles and Values’ that shape the culture at Alex Machine Tools.

Our Priorities Are:

  • Do it Right
  • Do it On time
  • Do it Efficiently

We will compromise if necessary from the bottom up, but will never compromise #1. These priorities guide our decision making process as we encounter the many choices that have to be made in manufacturing daily.

Our Principles and Values Are:

  1. Safety – of the employee and user of our products will never be compromised
  2. Respect for the individual – Treat others like you would like to be treated
  3. Integrity – Do what we say and Say what we do
  4. Best Idea wins – ideas are encouraged company wide


Alex Machine - Trophy
Altina Entreprenuers Excellence Award 2016