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RH seriesThis series features our well proven program of surface grinders with rotary tables. These machines are particularly suitable for High Precision Surface grinding of thin parts of high accuracy & Circular parts where one piece is to be ground at a time flat or with a radial taper. Besides, in applications where batches of small parts are to be ground with a high degree of parallelism & high surface finish this type of machine is a    better alternative to a reciprocating machine as production time will be much less. This is because the grinding wheel is in constant touch with the grinding pieces, the operating speed of the work pieces is higher and the work pieces move constantly in one direction only.

It is superior to a Rotary Table Machine with Vertical Spindle in respect of accuracy & parallelism & Surface finish although production norms will be lower.


Table diameter 500 to 1000mm
Spindle drive: 3.75 KW to 7.5 KW
Distance, table to spindle centre 300 to 450mm

    Rotating Table RH  

Spindle runs in super precision angular contact preloaded bearings with optimum concentricity and balance characteristics. The spindle head travels in the vertical column in hand scrapped guideways with power elevation and manual infeed.

Crossfeed is through AC Induction motor via precision ball screw. AC Induction motor speed is controlled by inverter to give infinitely variable crossfeed.

Table drive operates on large, circular ways-well lubricated by means of oil sump. it carries an electromagnetic chuck with circular poles. Drive to the table is through AC induction motor, controlled by inverter for infinitely variable speed.


Optional: All models available with CNC controls for automatic grinding cycle including wheel dressing and compensation.

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